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Increase your Learning Rate

How to increase your learning? 

Theory of mind is the term given by philosophers and psychologists for the ability to form a predictive model of self and others. After studying and learning about this theory I was able to combine that knowledge with the art of storytelling and came up with something I call the theory of mind and story simulation, which I was able to use to write many interesting and effective course material and books.

*theory of mind and story simulation* is being able to control sensations, emotions and best of all imagination with nothing but words.

The way it works is very simple. If you want your learning or teaching to be effective you have to follow simple steps that have proven time and time again to work.

Step 1 Getting motivated!

Learn what is related to your goals. This triggers your sensations. You will start seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling things that are related to your topic everywhere you go. Example electricians are able to feeling electrical fields, in many cases they even report tasting energy, smelling wires and they tell stories that if you really pay attention you can hear the current vibrating the wires to worn you if the switch is live (an electrical term meaning on). This are the kind of tools that will make you super aware for learning more. But to access them you have to learn what is related to your goals.

Step 2 Connecting the dots!

Compare everything you learn with what you already know. When you compare new things with what you already know you form new knowledge that is better than both the new and the old knowledge. This triggers your emotions, the things that make you even more excited to keep learning and growing. Studies have been made in the fields of neurology, what they show is that is that the more you progress the more curious you become. This means you develop more questions that are related to what you already studying which makes you even study more.

Step 3 Test the truth!

Test what you have learned in the real world. That means against real obstacles, challenges and struggles you had before this knowledge came to your awareness! As you test this new powerful knowledge you will begin seeing even newer knowledge that can only be discovered through experience. This will trigger your imagination. You will begin seeing many options you can apply your knowledge to, that means new ideas at work, new business innovations and many problems solved in the real world.

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