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Johannes Mothibi

My name is Johannes B Mothibi, founder and director of Inspirational Lifetools Academy. From a young age I been obsessed about collecting information that can improve life in all fields of study. My main passion in life is human understanding, that's because I deeply think if we can all understand each other and support one another we can change the world in ways that can only be described as magical. I studied Electrical Engineering at college, however I have taught my self economics, marketing and writing to which I enjoy doing more than anything else in my life. That's the experience I wish to share with you all.

Johannes Mothibi

7 keys to fast learning

Yourself development, having a successful career and running your business successfully, they all depend on becoming a fast learner in this forever changing landscape of today. Even though learning new things can seem very impossible! There is no reason to feel powerless, because knowledge is still power! So to improve your chances of being number …

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What is ILA?

ILA means Inspirational Lifetools Academy. A company founded in 2018, as a tool to help people achieve freedom and success in their life and businesses. We are very proud and dedicated to inspire dreams and help them come to reality. Our services are: Online Short Courses, e-manuals of how to, and Consultations on Business and …

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