Inspirational Lifetools Academy

About Us

Welcome To Inspirational

Inspirational Lifetools Academy was founded in 2018, as a tool to eliminate depression and failure by helping individuals develop themselves and their businesses. We are very proud and dedicated to inspire dreams of freedom and success in people’s life.

Our Vision

Our prime vision! Now and always, is to achieve happiness. Which we can
truly achieve by building people up for freedom and successful living.

Our Mission

Our mission is a two part mission! First is to eliminate depression at individual
level because depression causes lack of confidence necessary for productive
action (work). The second part is dealing away with poverty, since its the big
reason if not the only reason! why people lose focus and interest in growth or
The reason we choose this two reasons is because we truly think and deeply
feel that our purpose in life, not just Inspirational Lifetools but all of us!! Is to
live a comfortable life and improve it everyday, so that it becomes rich,
meaningful and joyous to live.


So what do we need to complete our mission and realize our vision? We need
to be real honest, we need leaders who support their followers and most
importantly we need to bring more collaboration among different fields of
study and work.