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7 keys to fast learning

Yourself development, having a successful career and running your business successfully, they all depend on becoming a fast learner in this forever changing landscape of today. Even though learning new things can seem very impossible! There is no reason to feel powerless, because knowledge is still power! So to improve your chances of being number one and being fast in learning new information, here are few key principles that you should follow:

Use your learning channel

People differ in how they learn their skills in life. Some like me prefer reading to learn, while others prefer listening, others will go for writing the information to learn it, while others will go for talking  and discussing the facts, others will prefer to watch then imitate and others just prefer to do it then self correct later. This are all right channels to learn by but am sure you have already realized that there is one or two of this channels that you prefer following. So in order to be a fast learner you must learn on your most preferred channel(s) because that is the one you will consume most information at, and you will do it in the smallest time frame.

Focus on the facts

From reading more than 700 books, I can tell you that there are lot of opinions that will conflict with reality as you see it, some more real than what you consider real. So as rule put all believes and expectations aside to clearly be able to separate truth from fiction. This will help you learn fast because the truth is more similar, that means if you learn something new it will have a ring of sense to what you already know, making the connection way faster for learning.

Focus on the terms and rules of the subject first

Whether you are learning English, music, computing, business or other subjects. The language in that field and the rules of that field are more important, as they contain in them all the principles that you need to understand and apply that subject.

Set uninterrupted time for learning

The world especially today is full of distractions and interruptions that eat away one’s life time. So if one is to learn fast, they must set a time dedicated to nothing but learning. And follow that schedule with strict military discipline.  

Know the difference between learning and training

Learning is very open and exploratory, while training is close and focused. Because we are interested in learning and learning fast, we shall concentrate on openness of ideas and exploring as wide as possible, including different sources. By doing so we are better able to separate opinion from the reality of life.

Make learning goals per study session

When it comes to learning you need to be in the moment and having direct feedback as you learn, that’s where learning goals come into the mix, because they help you to not get off the subject and they provide you with feedback of what you are learning. So you should remember to make goals, pursue them and stay ahead of the crowd always.  

Brainstorm or teach what you have learned

Researches continue to show that when we explain something to other people, we come to understand it better ourselves. The process of teaching others helps us recognize and upgrade our own understanding, and that accelerates our learning curve.

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