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Inspirational Lifetools Academy is a company founded to realize freedom and success in our world by educating people about human nature and how to express it. Our aim is to create a world that is full of honesty, encouragement and collaboration for one another as human beings.

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What Clients Say about us

"I love Inspirational Lifetools, it has brought a fresh mind to my social media world and now I can learn something worth learning to realize my passion"
Moratwa Sebego
"Wow! Inspirational Lifetools you have went beyond my expectations, your consultation was definitely needed. Thanks for the support and honesty"
Tumelo Hendricks
Sales Rep
"I know few people who collect and share information, and on a list of those people Johannes is probably at the top of the list. So am not surprised he founded this brilliant business"
Thabiso Malwane